a b o u t   s e r e n a

Serena Southerlyn is a character from the television series Law & Order, and is portrayed by Elizabeth Rohm. She was an Assistant District Attorney partnered with Jack McCoy. She was dismissed from her position by DA Arthur Branch who felt she was too sympathetic to the defendants they were prosecuting. However, Serena felt it was due to her sexual orientation, having come out as lesbian.

Serena served as ADA for three and a half seasons and displayed a bleeding heart, becoming emotional when dealing with cases. She was not one to simply turn off her heart when it came to the people she encountered.

Some may view passion and emotion as weaknesses or deficiencies, and in my opinion, this is a way to keep someone from knowing their true power and strength. I see much of this in the storyline of Serena Southerlyn. Many of her views came from a genuine place, and she brought some humanity to the DA's office.