a b o u t   e l l i o t

Elliot Stabler is a character from the television series Law & Order: SVU and is portrayed by Christopher Meloni. He is a detective in the NYPD and was partnered with Olivia Benson for over twelve years. He is a father of five children and had his first child while still a teenager, marrying at a young age.

As a father, Elliot takes many of the cases personally, and has come under fire due to his negative conduct stemming from this. However, as a father, he also brings a good perspective and sympathy to his cases as well. So he struggles to keep a balance.

Of all the detectives, in the beginning, it was Elliot's family life we saw the most of and had a lot of screen time compared to other L & O shows and within this show as well. Due to this, we get to know Elliot's family and how they impact his life on the force.

Elliot is a loyal partner and friend to Olivia as well as the others in his squad. He is a a great detective and works with fierce passion.